Tank Cleaning

Give your oil, water or septic tank a new lease of life

You probably don't want to think about oil or septic tank cleaning, and that's why we're here. Whether you want to arrange a contract for regular cleaning, or simply arrange a one-off clean to make sure your tank doesn't cause you any trouble, Thames Tank Cleaning Services Ltd is here for you.

Tank demolition and excavation

If you have a tank that's come to the end of its life, we have the skills and expertise to safely dismantle and remove it for you. This service includes a full clean up, so you needn't worry if the tank has been neglected for some time. We take care of everything for you so all you need to do is sit back and let us do the hard work. Septic Tank Cleaning is a settlement chamber that provides solutions for sewage and drainage waters. In order to maintain a clean working tank, it is important to keep up with maintenance with Septic Tank Cleaning, this is so the overflowing tank doesn’t go to a soakaway or drainage field. The tank is emptied into a vacuum tanker and disposed of professionally and keeping with regulations, we take pride in providing a high standard service and advise clients to have regular Septic Tank Cleaning maintenance.

When considering cleaning your septic tank it is extremely imperative to consider the impact household products may have on your septic tank. Such a large number of synthetic compounds can upset the substance balance inside your septic tank, and this can have significant results. Thames Tank cleaning gives proficient administrations in cesspit or septic tank cleaning sector, as well as excellent support and septic tank maintenance. We provide quality tank cleaning and maintenance to households and businesses all through London and the UK.

Our tank-related services include:

Septic tank cleaning
Site and spillage cleaning
General waste cleaning
Demolition and excavation of old tanks
Sludge removal
Cesspit cleaning
Oil bund cleaning


We also specialise in a wide range of services, including liquid waste disposal. As licensed waste carriers, you can rest assured that the job will not only be completed safely and hygienically, but quickly and efficiently too. Why not get in touch?

If you need your waste tanks cleaning professionally, it's as easy as can be. You can contact Thames Tank Cleaning Services Ltd by email or by calling us. Get in touch below.