Liquid Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste? Let us take care of it

From the emptying of septic tanks to the safe removal of contaminated water from your property, waste clearance UK and liquid waste disposal is our speciality. We have more than 30 years' experience in the hygienic and hassle-free disposal of dangerous liquids, so you can trust us to do a thorough and professional job. At waste clearance UK we understand that hazardous liquids must be disposed of quickly and effectively, we pride ourselves in professionalism and our high reputation. It is important you keep up with regular maintenance in order to comply with the regulation. Waste Clearance UK dispose of the harmful liquids safely as possible to ensure no hard or damage can be done.

We offer a wide range of waste removal services across London and the UK, including liquid waste removal, chemical waste removal and other hazardous waste clearance services. Our team are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of liquid waste removal and waste clearance, as one of the UK's leading waste disposal companies we provide a liquid waste removal service to the highest of standards. Our top quality team are fully qualified in operating a safe, efficient service. Thames Tank Cleaning use only high end equipment to ensure complete customer satisfaction in all our work, we endeavour to remove any hazardous or non hazardous liquid waste that could potential be harmful to the environment and your home. Your safety is our priority and we advise that any harmful waste should be disposed of by a professional immediately. Liquid Waste must be disposed off correctly in order to prevent any further issues, as a team of professionals our dependable experts provide a reliable friendly service providing a stress free and trusting experience.

What kinds of liquids can we dispose of?

Fuel contaminated water
Other contaminated water and liquids like diesel
Engine hydraulic lubricating oils
Heavy fuel oil
Caustic washes
Acids and alkaline
Vegetable oils
Animal blood and washings
Pharmaceutical washings
Bentonite slurry


We operate over a wide service area in the south of England from our base in Purfleet. If you require any of our services in Essex, Kent, around the M25 corridor, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, or the Dartford Bridge area, then look no further and get in touch today.

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