Drain Cleaning Near Me

Keeping your interceptor clean is important

Silt, debris and oil in underground interceptors and drainage systems can build up and cause all manner of problems. From an increased risk of flooding to the pollution of watercourses and sewage systems, neglecting your interceptor could lead to disaster. Regular cleaning will significantly reduce the risk of the aforementioned, however, and with Thames Tank Cleaning Services Ltd, it couldn't be easier. Drain Cleaning Near Me is a vital part of drainage maintenance, whatever the problem, blockage, overflow, flood Drain Cleaning Near Me have the solution. Our expert team can get right to the root of the problem, our top quality equipment and extensive knowledge allows us to clean your drains efficiently. We are here to help with any blockages in your drainage. Regardless of whether it's a basic standard unblock or a more profound established issue, our drain cleaning near me team is outfitted with the most recent innovative technology to clear your drainage issue.

What does interceptor cleaning involve?

Using state of the art equipment, all waste is removed from your interceptor and treated at a licensed water and sludge recycling facility. We recycle oil and clean water ready for safe discharge from a fully licensed facility, sludge is also processed to a non-hazardous state ready for disposal too.

Where do we operate?

M25 corridor
Dartford Bridge area
All of the UK

Why choose us to clean your interceptor?

Because we can professionally make sure everything is done correctly at every stage. It also means that no third parties are involved, so we can pass more savings on to you. Get in touch today for a free quote!

If you need your waste tanks cleaning professionally, it's as easy as can be. You can contact Thames Tank Cleaning Services Ltd by email or by calling us. Get in touch below.